1. Biitchseat
    Cleveland, Ohio
  2. Birthday Dad
    Turlock, California
  3. Double Gainer
    New Britain, Connecticut
  4. Fox Teeth
    New Jersey
  5. Goings
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. gnawing
    Richmond, Virginia
  7. Halogens
    Wall Township, New Jersey
  8. Hit Like A Girl
    Montclair, New Jersey
  9. Innerlove.
    New York
  10. the insides
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. James Barrett
    Scranton, Pennsylvania
  12. Jimmy Lo Fi
    Cleveland, Ohio
  13. Keep for Cheap
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
  14. Maggie Gently
    San Francisco, California
  15. MIGHTY
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  16. Perspective, a lovely hand to hold
    Nashua, New Hampshire
  17. Posture & the Grizzly
    Hartford, Connecticut
  18. Totally Slow
    Greensboro, North Carolina
  19. William Rhyne
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  20. Young Mister
    Waynesville, North Carolina
  21. Catholics
    Charleston, South Carolina
  22. Cuzco
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Richmond, Virginia
  24. Echo Courts
    North Carolina
  25. Elders
    Davie, Florida
  26. Emily Donohue
    Seattle, Washington
  27. Hungry Girl
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  28. Junior Astronomers
  29. Just Neighbors
    Gainesville, Florida
  30. Old Faith
    Greensboro, North Carolina
  31. Things Amazing
    Atlanta, Georgia


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